Travelling and vaccination

When you leave Sweden and arrive in tropical countries you will encounter completely different cultures, climates, exotic dishes, drinks and bathing and wildlife. Unfortunately, this also means an increased risk of accidents and illnesses.

We at the Bohuslinden medical center can help you minimize the risks not only through vaccinations but also with advice and tips for the trip.

Fill out the medical questionnaire prior to your vaccination.

Please contact us well in advance of the trip as certain vaccinations must be started several weeks before departure in order to be effective.

How to do:

Fill out the form directly on your computer or by hand. When traveling to several different countries, describe the itinerary as carefully as you can (vaccinations sometimes vary widely between countries). Also, remember to bring your old vaccinations to avoid unnecessary injections.
Print the completed form.
Post the questionnaire to us and we will call you to make an appointment. Don't forget to enter your phone number so we can reach you.
The form is sent to:

Vårdcentralen Bohuslinden 
Uddevallavägen 3B
452 31 Strömstad