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Shared electronic health records
- making your healthcare safer 

Shared electronic health records
Information about you held by one healthcare provider* is not automatically accessible to another healthcare provider. Shared electronic health records mean that healthcare providers can access health records held by other healthcare providers. This makes it possible for healthcare staff to gain a more comprehensive view of your medical history. You avoid having to tell them significant facts such as tests you have taken or medication you are taking. Information that can be very important when you are receiving care from a new healthcare provider.

What is required to gain access to health records?
To be able to access your health records via shared electronic health records, the healthcare provider must have your consent. Only those members of staff who are involved in your care and treatment may access your health records from other healthcare providers through shared electronic health records.

If you do not want your records to be shared
You can block other healthcare providers from seeing your records held by a healthcare provider. You block the records by contacting the healthcare provider you visited. You then need to provide the necessary information about your medical history yourself. You do not have the right to block your children's records. In certain cases, children under the age of 18 can block their own records.