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Hälsocentralen Sankt Hans is a primary health care center (Family/General medicine). We are situated in the North of Lund, close to Delphi, Kemicentrum and LTH.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday  08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Phone number: (+46) 046-19 93 00


If you are a permanent resident of Sweden or in an EU/EEC country the price is 200 SEK. With permanent residency outside EU/EEC the fee is 1641 SEK. Of course we give you a receipt for your insurance company!

Choosing and "enlisting" to a Health care center / Family medicine practice

In Sweden you need to "enlist" to a specific primary health care center. Once you have done so this is where you turn to when you need help by a doctor, a nurse or other health care personel. In order to enlist you need to fill in a form, found here. Or enlist online, using a digital identification certificate (provided by most large Swedish banks) here (in Swedish).

Contact us

Hälsocentralen Sankt Hans
Fäladstorget 22
SE-226 58 Lund

To avoid waiting time and to keep your privacy we strongly recommend you to book an appointment by phone 046-19 93 00.

If you need medical advice when we are closed please call phone number 1177.

In case of emergency call phone number 112.